Friday, May 27, 2011

Thing #9: e-books

Does it count that I have a title in my hold list?  I just went on (Upper Hudson) and perused their e-book titles, and found one I'd really like to try, The Bird Sisters by  Rebecca Rasmussen, but unfortunately it was not available for immediate download (Oh, the horrors of delayed gratification!).  So I went ahead and added it to my hold list and apparently I'll be emailed when it becomes available, at which time I'll have 3 days to put it in my "digital book bag".  Oh, my....

Anyway, yes, I admit this was to be my first e-book download.  Yup, I'm a fan of the plain, old paper variety of books.  Not to say that I won't like their digital counterparts - I just haven't needed one yet.  It does sort of crack me up, though, that for my first experience looking for an e-book, every adult title I chose was unavailable and had several people ahead of me in the queue.  I guess these are indeed popular!

But to have the experience of uploading, I did eventually find a Magic Tree House book that was available (hallelujah!) and nabbed that.  Perhaps my son will want to cozy up to the computer screen tonight to read a few chapters?  Not quite as fun as when we snuggle in bed together to read, but hey... If he likes this, maybe I'll suck it up and buy a portable reader device :-)

Oh, and it just so happens that I've been talking to Terry Small about Follett's e-book bundles for my school library.  We're K-8, and although I don't think I want to try to push these on the K-5 set, I do think it might fly with 6-8, who are more likely to have iPads, etc.  I'm also strongly leaning towards their Professional Collection bundle as that's an area I've been working on a lot lately, and I'm still struggling to get the staff to touch the books I'm buying.  Maybe they'd like the ease of uploading from home when the mood strikes?  I've been putting out feelers and we'll see....

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  1. I FINALLY got my e-book this morning (6/12). Happy reading to me :-)