Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Thing 24: Infographics

Perfect timing!  Every March my school participates in a Parents As Reading Partners program to encourage literacy skill building at home as well as in school.  I used this assignment as an opportunity to design an infographic that we can use as a physical poster as well as a digital image on our website.

To complete this assignment, I first watched two of the videos and read 3-4 of the articles.  I found Kathy Shrock's materials to be the most helpful.  It took me about a week to sketch out my draft for what information I wanted to share.  At first I wanted to go with a statistical theme - visually showing the minutes read at home by grade level from last year's classes.  Unfortunately, I was unable to acquire that data, so I moved on to plan B: a simpler visual explanation of the program and its purpose.
Then I went to Piktochart and viewed their quick tutorial.  I know my infographic does not contain a whole lot of bells and whistles, but I do think it is visually appealing and it will certainly serve an authentic purpose. 

Here it is: