Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thing #7: Productivity & Collaboration Tools

What a fun project this week!  Usually I post my "homework" right away, but this week I had to slow down and do some real exploration! 

The two tools that I chose to focus on for this assignment are Delicious (bookmarks) and Only2Clicks (full page of web links).

Delicious will be really handy for when I'm working online at different locations (most notably, home and work).  I have already started loading it up with all my most necessary go-to spots.  This is a great way to consolodate my most needed web adresses and to make them easily accessible from wherever I am.

Only2Clicks should work out well for my students.  I already have ways of giving them web links for projects and general use, but I really like the visual format of this lay-out.  I just created a page for my 4th graders who are working on a reference packet in my class, and I'm sure they're going to love it.

Like so many others have posted, this is a lesson that I am sure to visit and re-visit time and again.  Thank you, Polly, for putting this handy list together.  Although it is not all inclusive, it certainly contains enough resources to keep someone busy (and happy) for a long, long time!

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