Monday, March 28, 2011

Thing 1: Blogging

Good morning, fellow librarians!  Welcome to my first ever blog.  My name (in case you haven't deduced it yet!) is Linda Fecura Bunk (I only use the "Bunk" when signing checks and other official documents - Can you blame me?!).  I currently am the part-time Library Media Specialist at the Gardner-Dickinson School (Wynantskill Union Free School District), teaching grades K-5. 

Prior to this, other positions I have held include Head Librarian at the Darrow School in New Lebanon, Director at the Diver Library in Schaghticoke, and tutor for the Hoosic Valley School District.  I have also served on a public Library's Board of Trustees as Vice President.  All very interesting and fun to be sure, but I must say I am enjoying my current position quite a lot, too!

I am very excited to be participating in this continuing education workshop.  I really like that we can work from home, at odd hours, and at our own pace - all very good for one who is employed part-time out of the home, but full time in the home with two young children!  I look forward to exploring the other Blog options and learning about other web-based tools as the weeks progress.  Here's to the 21st century - May Librarians always lead the way to tackling the latest and greatest in information technology, tools, and resources!