Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thing #8: Video

So here's my dirty little secret:  I have been madly in love with Dave Gahan (front man for Depeche Mode) since I was 12.  I have imaginary dates with him every day when I'm on the treadmill and my children can sing-along to countless Depeche Mode standards.  Not only that, but I actually spent $600 for third row seats (thanks eBay!) to see my sweetie pie in Boston a couple years ago, hoping in my feverish fantasies that he would spy me in the audience like that girl in the Bruce Springsteen video and suddenly realize I was the woman of his dreams.....  But, no.

Instead I keep my girlish crush alive through YouTube videos like this one that actually shows his apartment (address: 99 Jane Street, NYC - 11th floor.  Really, I'm NOT a stalker...).  If I pretend really hard I can almost see myself curled up on the red sofa right next to him - can't you (tee hee!)?

Opps!  Back to the assignment.  How can video sharing be helpful to libraries?  Well I think the Web Junction guys summed it up way better than I can.  You can use it to promote upcoming events, show off your resources, give online tutorials and tours, and just generally bring your services and space to the masses.  How would I use it?  Hmmmmm - maybe I should've tried the video editing assignment to see if I could photoshop myself into Dave Gahan's apartment.... (wavy lines indicating that Linda is about to have another day dream sequence)

But seriously - just this morning I used YouTube to try to find someone reading Rattletrap Car by Phyllis Root because I can't figure out how to sing it to my 1st graders.  Sadly I found only two videos of it being read, both by children, and neither doing any better with it than I can.  If YOU happen to know what tune would work best with it, can you give me a call - or better yet - set up a web cam and meet me on Skype and show me just how it's done!


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  1. Great YouTube post! I love Depeche Mode too & make my kids watch all my favorite videos from the 80s!