Monday, April 25, 2011

Thing 5: Reflection, etc.

Ah, a respite :-)  Let me just say that as happy as I am to have some catch up time (especially as I fine tune my next round of K-5 Literacy Skills units!), I will miss tackling a new "assignment" this week.  This has been a tremendously positive experience for me so far, and I am thoroughly enjoying learning new, and exploring old, bits of technology.

I used my "free time" this morning to visit a couple other participants' blogs, and had a good time reading what fellow learners had to say.  It is amazing the variety of Library professionals that are represented, and the diversity of experiences and view points that we all have.  I am glad that as Lou Ann requested, these blogs will remain up into summer for future reading/exploring.  There is much to learn from each other!

And I hear that nicer weather is finally on its way - so enjoy your week!

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  1. I've enjoyed reading your comments as well. Keep up the good work and enjoy the weather.