Monday, April 11, 2011

Thing 3: Photo Sharing

Oh, I'm old hat at this :-)  I've been using Shutterfly, SnapFish, Kodak, etc for years.  As a matter of fact, I started on that old SONY photo sharing site that was discontinued probably about 7-8 years ago now. But seeing as how I don't currently use Flickr,  I opted to explore it for this week's assignment.

Not needing yet another new photo account given I already have images stashed on 3-4 other sites, I decided to explore images.  What I chose to look for was an image of Jack "Legs" Diamond, the prohibition era gangster who was so prevalent in this area.  After reading William Kennedy's, Legs, for a Book Club group I belonged to, I was astounded that Kevin Bacon's rule of 7 seems to apply in much more intimate terms to Mr. Diamond.  As I would talk to people I knew about Legs, the conversation almost always went something like this: "Oh, yeah, my father used to drive for him", or "Your grandfather used to see him at the bar in Waterford when he moonlighted there as a bartender", or "My grandfather was part of his police escort from NYC to Troy"...  You get the "picture" (ha ha - I made a pun!).  It seemed as if everyone had some immediate, personal connection to this icon - and it was more like a rule of 1 or 2, not 7!!

So that summer, I took 3 of my book club cohorts on a fun Legs Diamond field trip all through Albany.  We visited the infamous Rainbow Room (Aside: My own husband floored me when I was babbling about the Kenmore Hotel and he piped up, "I know that building - I worked there for three years..."), his Dove street apartment (now owned by Kennedy), and several other famous Legs haunts.

But alas, I digress, and what you really want is a simple link to a photo of this notorious criminal.  Here ya go: uploaded by Flickr user "TG4 *"  I tried to upload the image into this blog using the tool above, but got this message:

We can't find the image at that URL.
  • Please check the address for typing errors.
  • Make sure the image is public. If your image is protected by a password, or on an internal network, we will not be able to read it.
I assure you, I entered the right URL, and the image is public, so I'm not sure what happened.

So my assignment to you this week is to ask several people YOU know if they have any connections to Legs, and let me know what you find out!


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  2. I got the same message and I tried several different ones. I couldn't tell if the images were public or it they were protected by a password. I did find a great picture of a hot air balloon at sunset at:
    Captured by Dirk-Jan Kraan

  3. Just adding a post to the blog with tips on how to do this.

  4. Polly,

    Thank you for the tip. Who would've intuitively guessed those bizarre middle steps (the re-sizing and right click "view")??? Anyway, they worked... obviously, because as you can see, Legs is now adorning the top of this blog.

  5. Story 1:Co-worker has a former friend who used to tell me stories guess he hung out with him in Albany back when he was a teenager.
    Story 2: Another co-worker said she drives by a house he once lived in and where a shoot-out was right by St. Henry's Church in Averill Park.
    Story 3: Friend's parent use to live next door to one of his girlfriends.

  6. I am going to try to keep up with your blog, since you have the same accounts as I do and you seem to know what you are doing. Hope to learn from you!